Our Services

Wichteshem Co. Limited offers a range of investment management services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We are founded to carry out the following services:


⦁  To carry on business in Nigeria or elsewhere, as corporate business consultants and advisers by offering consultancy services to corporate entities and organizations (whether in the private or public sector) as well as individuals across various fields, areas and subjects of human endeavor including but not limited to training services whether electronically, in person or by correspondence.

⦁  To act as general consultants and advisers and in this regard, to accept appointments and mandates to take part in the management and supervision of the business operations of a company, partnership, firm or other entity; and to undertake and perform all administrative activities related thereto.

⦁  To invest in and to purchase, acquire, hold, develop, manage, transfer, convey, sell, dispose of and in any other way deal in lands, buildings, equipment, plants, licenses, concessions, grants privileges and/or any other properties of any description whatsoever whether in Nigeria and/or any other part of the world necessary or desirable to carry out the objects of the company.

⦁  To enter into collaborations, partnerships, joint ventures, co-operation or profit-sharing arrangements with any other company, partnership, firm, person and/or other entity within and/or outside Nigeria.

⦁  To promote, establish and/or otherwise invest in any company and/or entity whose objects or purposes are considered to advance or to be likely to advance (whether directly or indirectly), the objects of the company and/or its interests and/or those of its shareholders.

⦁  To do all things ancillary and incidental to the objects and businesses set out above and carryon any other business which may seem to the company as capable of being carried on along with these objects and businesses or calculated (directly or indirectly) to enhance the value of or render profitable any of the company’s properties or rights.