Corporate Social Responsibility

We consider the Social and Environmental impacts of our investment decisions and align them with ethical and sustainable principles. Being Social Responsibility involves integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into the investment analysis and decision-making process.


Environmental considerations: We assess the environmental impact of companies and industries before making investment decisions. This includes evaluating their carbon footprint, resource usage, waste management practices, and adherence to environmental regulations. Investing in companies that prioritize sustainability, renewable energy, or environmental conservation can contribute to a more sustainable future


Social considerations: Social responsibility in investment involves considering the social impact of companies and industries. This includes evaluating their treatment of employees, labor practices, human rights record, community involvement, and diversity and inclusion policies. We support companies that promote fair labor practices, equal opportunities, and positive social contributions.


Governance considerations: Good corporate governance is essential for sustainable and responsible investing. We assess the governance structures, board independence, executive compensation practices, and transparency of companies. Strong governance practices reduce the risk of corporate misconduct, fraud, and unethical behavior.


Social Responsibility makes us recognize the importance of considering broader societal and environmental factors in our investment decisions. It allows us to align our portfolios with client’s values, promote sustainable business practices, and contribute to positive change.