About Us

Company Overview

Wichteshem Co. Limited (WCL) is a Private Limited Company registered in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as leading investment company with a focus on providing exceptional investment services to institutional and private individual clients. Our experienced team of investment professionals has a proven track record of delivering strong investment performance across a range of asset and business in different industries.

Wichteshem Co. Limited is a trusted partner for investors and partners seeking expert investment opportunities and management services. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their investment objectives through disciplined investment processes, superior performance, and exceptional client service.


Our mission is to help our clients achieve their investment objectives by providing superior investment management and exceptional client service. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients based on Trust, Integrity, and Transparency.

Investment Philosophy

At Wichteshem Co. Limited, we believe that successful investing requires a disciplined and rigorous approach. We employ a comprehensive investment process that combines top-down macroeconomic analysis with bottom-up fundamental research to identify attractive investment opportunities. Our investment philosophy is rooted in the principles of value investing, with a focus on identifying companies that are undervalued by the market and have strong growth potential.

Our strategy is designed to help our various investor achieve their financial and investment goals. This is what guides our investment decisions and is based on goals, risk tolerance, and future needs of clients which can vary from conservative (where they follow a low-risk strategy and where the focus is on wealth protection) while others are highly aggressive (seeking rapid growth by focusing on capital appreciation)

Our Core Values

Our values are embedded in the letter and spirit within the Code- TRITE

Being open, straightforward, and consistent in all we do, by communicating with clarity, simplicity, and precision.

Acknowledge, recognize, and value all stakeholders.

Being honest, truthful, reliable, and fair while dealing with all stakeholders.

Working together by sharing ownership, responsibilities, and outcome.

Consistently outstanding in the quality of service we render to all our stakeholders